I dont know rick it looks fake

i don’t know rick, it seems fake english

There are phrases that become viral on the Internet. Some of them cause a great revolution, so much so that at this moment there are academic studies to know what kind of phrase can become popular on the Internet. This shows how interesting it can be for many people to use them in order to communicate with each other. One that is currently going viral is the phrase «I don’t know Rick, it seems fake».

The interesting thing is that there is everything with this phrase on the network, from Youtube videos, memes, gifs and more, this shows how famous it is becoming at the moment, in short, saying «I don’t know Rick, it seems fake», is to be fashionable.

It all started with a TV show, which I’m sure you’ve seen it many times already. It’s called «The Price of History», it’s about a family store where you buy valuables that have to do with universal history. In one of the programs the phrase «I don’t know Rick, it looks fake» is said, from that moment on it became viral.

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3:47’pawn stars’ rick harrison on how to spot a fakewall street journal – 20 mar 2014

Richard «Rick» Sanchez is an old alcoholic scientist who usually speaks vulgarly and between burps, most of the time he has a trail of saliva in his mouth. He is the father of Beth Smith and the maternal grandfather of Summer and Morty.

He is a man who has spent much of his life traveling through various dimensions, through time and through many regions of the universe. To him, Earth is called Planet Earth of Dimension C-137. He is irresponsible, asocial, wacky, ambitious and inconsiderate of his own family, criticizing his son-in-law Jerry on numerous occasions for being an idiot (as well as unemployed). He often takes Morty on his trips, so that he can be as intelligent as he is and not become the same idiot as his father. He gets to the point of not knowing right from wrong, as he sometimes works with space criminals and others. However, the main reason why Rick claims to need his grandson Morty in his adventures through space is due to the fact that his brain waves manage to camouflage Rick’s somehow, implying that Morty is very unintelligent to the point of being almost retarded.

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i don’t know rick and morty

I don’t know Rick, parece falso is an expression used to question dubious arguments or situations that are not easy to believe. It can also be used when something is too good to be true, even though it is real.

The image of the meme was extracted from a fragment of an episode where Chumlee shows Rick some blades, saying that they are similar to those used by Johnny Depp in the man hands of scissors to prune bushes:

At the beginning of 2017 the meme gained strength in Argentina, crossing the screen and becoming one of the most remembered phrases by young people. If uttered at the right time, on any occasion that warrants it, it can generate an amusing reaction.

1:25estrellas de empeño | rick y morty | adult swimadult swimyoutube – 24 feb 2015

Acerca deNo Lo Sé Rick, Parece Falso o I Don’t Know Rick, Looks Fake to Me se refiere a un eslogan y macro imagen de reacción protagonizada por Chumlee y Rick Harrison del reality show Pawn Stars, utilizado para expresar duda o incredulidad sobre afirmaciones, eventos o titulares que parecen sospechosos o parecen demasiado buenos para ser verdad.

Vídeo de Chumlee en TikTokEl 24 de julio de 2020, Chumlee[16] publicó un vídeo en TikTok en el que examina una figurita de Los Simpson y concluye su crítica con la cita «No sé Rick, parece falsa» (se muestra a continuación). La publicación alcanzó más de 1,7 millones de visitas y 124.200 «me gusta» en menos de 5 meses.

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Interés de búsquedaLas búsquedas tanto de «No lo se rick parece falso» como de «No lo se rick» se remontan al 16-18 de diciembre de 2016, y alcanzan su punto máximo en mayo y julio de 2017, respectivamente. Las búsquedas de la versión abreviada de la frase «no lo se rick» volvieron a aumentar su volumen entre finales de 2018 y principios de 2019. Las búsquedas de la versión portuguesa de la frase han aumentado ligeramente desde principios de 2017. La traducción al inglés «I don’t know rick looks fake» no ha mostrado un aumento significativo a partir de diciembre de 2020.

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